Colposcopy Screening Solutions

Quality Control Programs in colposcopy, through self-assessment interactive tests, evaluate and improves inter-observer reproducibility.

colposcopy quality assurance

Interactive Self-Assessment Tests

Today Internet represent an ideal modality to introduce this new method and overcome logistics complexity, time required drawbacks for execution and cost effectiveness obstacles.

Self-Assessment tests can be easily duplicated, results statistically analyzed, executed contemporaneous by all participants involved in the quality control program, with reserved access and evident advantages in all aspects.

colposcopy quality assurance

Designed to evaluate reproducibility and to yield discrepancies in diagnosis by analysing statistics data in real time,
can quickly establish the degree of concordance and other parameters to evaluate the performance of screening,
with a centralized information system for monitoring progress and evaluation of outcome.

Computerized analysis of statistical scoring data, comparing scoring by different groups, and the understanding of statistical concepts and medical data as essential.

An effective program for providing self-assesstment and training in screening programs:

  • reproducibility improvement
  • cost effectiveness
  • logistic advantages

Since 2002 developing Colposcopy applicable quality tools